Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chatrapur's Important Contact Numbers

Chatrapur's Important Contact Information

Collector or District Magistrate of Chatrapur: 06811-263700 (office) and 263800 (residence) Mob: 9437070221
ADM (Rev.) of Chatrapur: 06811-263927 (office) and 263964 (residence) Mob: 9437566166
ADM (Gen.) of Chatrapur: 06811-263948 (office) and 263928 (residence) Mob: 9438067667
Project Director, DRDA of Chatrapur: 06811-263965 (office) and 263666 (residence) Mob: 9437063965
District Control Room: 06811-263978 TOLL FREE: 1077
Block Development Officer (BDO) of Chatrapur: 06811-263912 (office) and 263424 (residence) and Email id: Mob: 9437281061
Tahasildar of Chatrapur: 06811-263973 Mob: 9937338120
Superintendent of Police of Chatrapur: 06811-263366 (office) and 263855 (residence) Mob: 9437559911
D.I.B of Chatrapur: 06811-263986
Addl. S.P. of Chatrapur: 06811-263366 (office) and 263485 (residence)
D.S.P. of Chatrapur: 06811-263959 (office) and 263197 (residence)
C.I. of Police, Chatrapur: 06811-263719
Reserve Inspector, Chatrapur: 06811-263987
Wireless Inspector, Chatrapur: 06811-263962
I.I.C. Chatrapur: 06811-263920 or 100 and 263907 (residence)
Fire Station, Chatrapur: 06811-262600 or 101
Executive Officer, NAC Chatrapur: 06811-263975
Electrical Engineer, PHD, Chatrapur: 06811-263914 / 262909, Mob: 9861538192


  1. Thanks for sharing such a informative content about Chatrapur.

  2. I am indeed thankful for this information. At very urgent moment I got the number from this page. Thank you Naresh.

  3. This information page is very necessary for all.I am sure and I hope a lot of people will benefit a large circle by it....thanks a lot once again I am a social worker President of Youth Club and I always need it ..thanks ur information will bring up a lots of success for public.....thanking u heartily..

    1. Most welcome Bhabani Bhai!
      In addition, you can also post some more information about chatrapur and about your organization in this page.

  4. I want to know Executive Officer, NAC Chatrapur: 06811-263975 belongs to which department

  5. We are resedening of dhoyakana Village under Polosara Block and we are facing to drain of rain water since long time in our village. Now there is no action . Can you please help in this regard as whom to contact so that our problem can be sloved.

  6. WE are village of Dhoyakana village under Polosara block and we are facing rain water draining during rain. It is long pending issues and can not be taken action in that matter. Can any body help as whom to contact so that our problem will be sloved. Otherwise will be seriously faced problem in ahead of Rain season now.