Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vijay Das Films' Upcmoing Movie 'Be Humane' Relasing on 14-Nov-2014

We've already seen our young dedicated Director Vijay Das's beautiful social trauma based Short-Film 'Jana Gana Mana', which grabbed several awards in last year. And, now his another movie based on 'child labor' - BE HUMANE' is releasing from the studio on 14th of November 2014.

Within a short tenure and highly struggling journey he reached a certain level in Indian (basically in Odia and Telugu Film Industry) Film Industry. 

We must thankful to Sri Prabhakar Patnaik Sirji, whom we know as a famous Social Worker in Odisha; and due to his blessings VDF (Vijay Das Films) flag is waving. 

Today when I saw his short biography in Telugu Daily 'Sakshi's City Plus Edition; I really delight and put some words about him in my blog.

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